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A little about us

Interhearing Advanced Hearing Services is an independent business developed for assessing your hearing needs and as such can offer an honest and unconstrained service, providing you with the best choice of products and services for your specific needs. You will be offered the best treatments available locally from fully qualified and experienced audiologists, trained and qualified to a higher standard than the average high street hearing aid dispenser.

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I Highly Recommend Interhearing Services
Carol has a demanding job and an active social life. When her hearing started to become difficult, she put off having hearing aids because of the way they looked. When Carol visited Interhearing she was introduced to invisible custom-made hearing aids which gave her the confidence to wear hearing aids and continue to enjoy her busy life.

-Carol Smith – Shrewsbury

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They Changed My Life
A couple of years ago, Jim’s wife noticed he was having difficulty hearing when they went out for dinner and at family parties. Jim felt embarrassed asking people to repeat themselves and began to feel quite isolated. He met with Interhearing and was fitted with a pair of discreet private hearing aids which dramatically improved his hearing in background noise.

-Jim Jackson – Shropshire


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I’m so glad I found them
I was struggling so much with my hearing. I tried NHS hearing aids which helped but I still could not hearing in background noise. I found Interhearing who fitted some hearing aids which were head and sholders above what I had before. Now background noise is not a problem

-Janet Leiyoung – Wolverhampton


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