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Ear Wax Removal in Warrington

Ear wax removal in Warrington

IInterhearing, offers a quick and easy ear wax removal treatment by microsuction in Warrington. 

 Wax Removal  Just £65 Book Now: 0800 002 9503  or Click Here 

Interhearing’s ear wax removal specialist in Warrington, Cheshire is Carole Thewsey  – She has over twenty seven years experience in both the NHS and private practice as a Specialist Ear Care Nurse in the Cheshire area.

Our clinic in Warrington is located at the 4 Seasons Medical Centre at the Orford Jubilee Centre. This clinic provides convenient access to ear care for residents of Warrington, Manchester, Liverpool, Sale, Salford, Widnes, Runcorn, Risley, Great Sankey, Culcheth and the surrounding areas. Our team understand that ear wax blockages can be uncomfortable and irritating. We will always try to ensure that you are seen as quick as possible. You can call us direct for an appointment or you can simply fill in your details on our contact form.

So much faster that getting my ears syringed. The man who cleared my ears was kind. They saw me quickly and before I knew it my ears were clear again and I could finally hear. I would recommend this to anyone like me who has trouble with blocked ears. Mrs Sykes

Cost: £65 – to remove wax in both ears via micro-suction. Patients are generally seen within just 3 days! close

Why is Ear Wax a Problem?

Ear wax can cause discomfort, dizziness, pain and  hearing loss. Removing it alleviates these issues and brings a greater feeling of wellbeing. Removal of wax is especially important for users of Hearing aids as the earpiece often blocks the natural migration of wax out of the ear and the build up of wax causes the hearing aid to begin to be ineffective. To find out more about why ear wax is a problem CLICK HERE  

Why Micro-Suction?

Safe, Comfortable, Instant and Affordable Ear Wax Removal in Warrington

When it come to earwax removal cotton buds just makes things worse and syringing can cause severe discomfort and other side effects such as infections and vertigo. If you want to get the wax out, the safest and most comfortable way to do it is by microsuction. Unlike syringing an ear to remove the wax, with microsuction there is no need to wait until the ear is totally blocked with wax and and you won’t need to use ear drops.   Microsuction brings instant relief from the inconvenience and discomfort of blocked ears. Interhearing are the first to offer ear wax removal by micro-suction in clinics across Warrington, Cheshire, the West Midlands and Mid-Wales.  

Benefits of micro-suction:

  • Can be used for those with syringing contraindications (i.e. patients with a history of perforations, infections, ear operations etc.)
  • Unlike syringing, ear wax can be removed even if the eardrum is still visible and not fully blocked by wax
  • Significantly lower risk of perforation and infection
  • Not necessary to use ear drops prior to wax removal
  • Commonly used when syringing has not been successful
  • No long waiting list
  • Speeds up Audiological referrals for patients requiring hearing aids
Book an Ear Wax Removal Appointment in Warrington: Call 0800 002 9503 or Click Here close

Micro-suction in action:


What makes us different?


Each of our Audiologists have over 10 years experience working in the NHS as Senior Audiologists and now work privately. 


We are qualified to a significantly higher standard than most other wax removal specialists. Our Audiologists are fully qualified to degree and masters levels in Audiology and are registered with the Health and Care Professions Council. We also have specialised ear care nurses.


We use the latest micro-suction technology to remove ear wax to ensure a safe and comfortable service for all clients across Warrington.


We guarantee all customers a fast and personalised service from our friendly and experienced team. We’re head and shoulders above the rest. No one leaves a stranger.


We are an independent family run business that takes the wellbeing of our customers very seriously. We are committed to providing affordable care and helping you to hear clearly again.
  Here’s what some of our patients near Warrington have said about their service:
I had a lot of trouble with wax and used to get my ears syringed every 4 months. I was fed up of having to wait until they were totally blocked before they would syringe them and having to use drops for 2 weeks before. Then I found out about microsuction, so much better and Interhearing’s Audiologist was great. Didn’t even need to use drops. Best ever. Mr Henderson
So much faster that getting my ears syringed. The man who cleared my ears was kind. They saw me quickly and before I knew it my ears were clear again and I could finally hear. I would recommend this to anyone like me who has trouble with blocked ears. Mrs Sykes  
We also have clinics in Shropshire (Shrewsbury, Telford and Wellington) and in Wolverhampton. To view more detail about these clinics CLICK HERE  

Cost: £65 – to remove wax in both ears via microsuction patients are generally seen within 3 days. 

Book an Appointment: Call 0800 002 9503 or Click Here close
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