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Musicians Hearing Protection

Elacin custom moulded hearing protection incoporate an ER filter which is tuned to provide a reduction in volume across all the notes of music equally. This is developed for musicians who want to protect their hearing without sacrificing the qaulity of the sound. These have been tested by European Noise Regulations EN352-2 to guaranteing your safty.

Made from soft medical grade silicon and produced in clear as standard, but can be made in the colours black, yellow, white, red, blue and swirl combos (i.e. red/yellow, black/yellow, black/white). Supplied with carry case, wax cleaning pick and otoferm crème.

These come in 3 levels of filters:

  • ER9 – Suitable for use under light noise exposure such as for vocalists and accoustic guitar or string players. These reduce the volume by SNR10.

  • ER15 – These reduce the volume be a greater degree, making them suitable for use under medium noise exposure exposure. Ideal for most musicians. These reduce the volume by SNR15.

  • R25 – The strongest filter in the ER range, these reduce the volume to a level that is suitable for heavy noise conditions e.g. heavily amplified instruments, percussion or brass players. These reduce the volume by SNR22.


Note: if you decide to purchase these online, we will contact you within 48hours of the purchase to arrange an appointment for a qualified Audiologist to take impressions of your ears so that the chosen plugs can be made. All custom hearing protection are made from impressions of the individuals ears. Appointments are made at our clinic in Shrewsbury. Their is an additional £25 impression fee.

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