What is microsuction earwax removal?

Posted on April 8, 2023 by John Beharrell

Believe it or not, we actually need ear wax. Ear wax is an important bodily oil that enables your ears to self-clean, flushing dead skin cells, dirt, and hair out that could otherwise cause infections and blockages.

However, excessive amounts of ear wax can cause blockages rather than solve them and as such, can need to be removed.

Microsuction is a professional treatment that combats and removes excess ear wax – within this article, we will explain everything you need to know about the microsuction procedure and why it’s the safest ear wax removal treatment available.

Microsuction Ear Cleaning in Progress

When may we require ear wax removal?

Ear wax build-up can cause a variety of symptoms that indicate when we may need ear wax removal. They include:

  • Ringing in the ears (tinnitus)
  • Ear infections
  • Vertigo
  • Itchiness within the ear canal.

It can be tempting to attempt to clean your ears using cotton buds, however, this method is potentially dangerous and ineffective.

Pushing cotton buds into your ear can disrupt the eardrum and force the ear wax blockage further down your ear, causing it to harden and become difficult to remove.

Unlike cotton buds, professional microsuction is a safe ear wax removal treatment with instant results.

What’s involved in the microsuction procedure?

Microsuction is a professional ear wax removal treatment conducted by an experienced ear care specialist.

This treatment uses a finely tuned suction device that gently cleans the ear and removes the wax.

After the inspection is complete, the suction device is delicately inserted into the ear, removing the build-up of soft wax.

Our experienced Ear Care Specialists can also offer ear care advice about how to maintain your hearing health and how often you would benefit from ear wax removal, as this is different for everyone.

At Interhearing we offer the same professional microsuction treatment you might find at your local NHS hospital, but with waiting times higher than ever for this service, Interhearing ear care specialists are able to safely remove your ear wax blockage without the wait.

What are the benefits of microsuction earwax removal?

There are many advantages to microsuction ear wax removal that make it such a popular treatment.

  • Instant results – you feel the benefits immediately
  • Low risk of infection
  • Doesn’t require heavy ear drop use (unless wax is very hard and compacted)
  • Is a safe treatment if you have an existing eardrum perforation

Is microsuction the best option for everyone?

Microsuctioning can be used on almost anyone, unlike treatments such as ear syringing.

Most patients, including those who’ve had ear surgery and have perforated eardrums, are suitable for microsuction treatment.

However, we don’t recommend microsuction for children below the age of 6 as the machine can be rather noisy, and the procedure requires the patient to be still for around 15 minutes.

Ear Exam with Camera

Book microsuction ear wax removal at Interhearing today

As a trusted and experienced hearing clinic specialising in microsuction ear wax removal, we offer the safest professional treatment available.

At Interhearing, our specialists are medically trained with years of experience in ear care, allowing them to practice microsuction to the highest standard.

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