Hearing Aids: Why Shop Local?


You hear all the time how you are supposed to support local farmers and food producers by buying from markets and prop up our waning high streets by shopping with local traders. But you rarely … Read More

Julie Joins Interhearing


Julie Rathbone has joined the Interhearing team to assist in providing ear wax removal services across our clinics. Julie has been a specialist ear care nurse for over 20 years, previously working at the Shrewsbury and … Read More

Welshpool | Hearing Aids | Upto 50% OFF

John BeharrellHearing Aids

Perhaps you want to know more about a hearing aid that has been recommended to you or the differences between different hearing aid types and models? If you’ve been quoted a high price for a hearing aid … Read More

Ear Wax Removal | Telford

John BeharrellEar Wax Removal

Telford Ear Wax Removal – Microsuction Interhearing are the first to offer ear wax removal by microsuction in the community of Telford. We have local clinics where we offer this service in Shropshire – Shrewsbury, Telford, … Read More

How to Keep Ears Clear of Wax

John BeharrellHearing

What is wax ? Wax is produced in the outer one third of the ear canal by wax glands and is the body’s antiseptic for ears, trapping dust, debris and bacteria . Wax will naturally … Read More