Interhearing Attend Launch of the Phonak Marvel

Posted on November 16, 2018 by gareth

Interhearing Phonak Marvel NewsEarlier this month our senior audiologist, John, attended the launch of Phonak’s newest hearing aid. Phonak have named this new product the “Marvel” and that is certainly what you will be doing when you hear about its cutting edge features.

The Phonak Marvel is one of the most multi-functional hearing aids currently on the market. Each set of hearing aids uses bluetooth to connect to smart TVs, smart phones, other media devices and even some landlines. This means audio will be streamed straight from the device to your hearing aid so you can hear every detail of your favourite program and every word of your phone calls. The hearing aids also allow for a complete hands-free experience as calls can be answered by just a touch of a button on the hearing aid itself. Your phone can also be used to adjust the volume and the Phonak app will transcribe phone calls instantly so you can read along with the conversation and not miss a single detail.

Along with this the Marvel uses advanced AI technology to adjust to different sound levels meaning you will always have crystal-clear hearing no matter your surroundings. If you are running into issues your audiologist can adjust the hearing aids remotely meaning quick solutions to minor problems, less appointments and less travel time.

The hearing aids have a sleek design and their box doubles as a charger, they will turn off when placed in the box and colour coded lights will let you know when they are fully charged. Using wireless charging technology they can charge on the go, ideal for holidays and travel.

John was impressed by how Phonak’s latest product not only has positive benefits to a user’s hearing but also uses the latest technology to generally enhance a user’s lifestyle.

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