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Posted on March 8, 2017 by John Beharrell

Telford Ear Wax Removal – Microsuction

IInterhearing are the first to offer ear wax removal by microsuction in the community of Telford. We have local clinics where we offer this service in Shropshire – Shrewsbury, Telford, Wellington. These clinics enable more convenient access from areas such as: Newport, Whitchurch, Wellington, Market Drayton, Shifnal, Ironbridge, Albrighton, Bridgnorth, Telford.

Cost: £65 – to remove wax in both ears via microsuction patients are generally seen within 3 days. 


Don’t Use Cotton Buds!

When it come to earwax removal cotton buds just makes things worse. If you want to get the wax out you can either get the wax removed by syringing or microsuction. Unlike syringing an ear to remove the wax, with microsuction there is no need to wait until the ear is totally blocked with wax and you can’t hear. We can remove wax at any stage of the build up and you don’t need to use any drops. To book an appointment CLICK HERE


Safe, Comfortable, Instant Earwax Removal

Micro-suction earwax removal is the safest and most comfortable method of earwax removal available – no fuss, no mess, no ear drops, just instant relief from the inconvenience and discomfort of blocked ears.


Benefits of Microsuction:

  • Can be used for those with syringing contraindications (i.e. patients with a history of perforations, infections, ear operations etc.)
  • Unlike syringing, ear wax can be removed even if the eardrum is still visible and not fully blocked by wax
  • Significantly lower risk of perforation and infection
  • Not necessary to use ear drops prior to wax removal
  • Commonly used when syringing has not been successful
  • No long waiting list
  • Speeds up Audiological referrals for patients requiring hearing aids
  • Available as a community service privately in Shropshire: Shrewsbury, Telford and Wellington

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Why is earwax a problem?

When ear wax blocks the ear it can cause discomfort, ear pain, hearing loss and dizziness. Hearing aid users also find that a build-up of wax can block the ear piece as the hearing aid itself can block the ear canal thus preventing the wax from naturally migrating out of the ear.

Regular wax removal is extremely important for hearing aid users as hearing aids and blocked ears just don’t mix! Using an ear spray/oil for weeks before wax can removed via traditional syringing methods can make the hearing loss from blocked ears worse and can leave hearing aid users feeling isolated. With micro-suction there is no need to use drops as wax can be removed instantly.  

For Audiologists seeing a patient with as little as 1/3 of their ear canal occluded by wax can mean that they are unable to fit a hearing aid or take impressions of the ear (if required), thus significantly delaying the patient’s treatment and adding to a waiting list with an already high demand. This wait is often increased further as many GP practices will not syringe the ear if they can see the eardrum, so either these patients have to be referred to yet another waiting list for  ENT  micro suction or are required to wait until wax obscures the view of the eardrum.  To find out more about why ear wax is a problem CLICK HERE


The problems with syringing

Whilst syringing is a common method of ear wax removal and successful for many, it can be associated with side effects such as discomfort or pain during the procedure, vertigo, ear infections or damage to the skin of the ear canal. Other possible adverse effects include tympanic membrane perforation and Otitis Externa in some patients. 


Earwax removal by Microsuction

Wax removal by micro-suction is viewed by ear care professionals as a much safer option for wax removal with few contraindications and is not limited by amount of wax presented in the ear canal (such as that which effects audiological treatment). It is mostly used for patients who have syringing contraindications (i.e. those who have experienced perforations or undergone ear operations) or for patients who have otherwise found syringing unsuccessful.

As the name suggests micro-suction is wax removal via fine suction under magnification and at Interhearing this procedure is safely performed by a qualified Ear Care Nurse and privately and by a Senior Audiologist with extended practice for micro-suction.


Here’s what some of our patients have to said about their service:

I had a lot of trouble with wax and used to get my ears syringed every 4 months. I was fed up of having to wait until they were totally blocked before they would syringe them and having to use drops for 2 weeks before. Then I found out about microsuction, so much better and Interhearing’s Audiologist was great. Didn’t even need to use drops. Best ever. Mr Henderson

So much faster that getting my ears syringed. The man who cleared my ears was kind. They saw me quickly and before I knew it my ears were clear again and I could finally hear. I would recommend this to anyone like me who has trouble with blocked ears. Mrs Sykes


We have clinics in Shropshire – Shrewsbury, Telford and Wellington. To view more detail about these clinics CLICK HERE


Cost: £65 – to remove wax in both ears via microsuction patients are generally seen within 3 days. 


Book an Appointment: Call 0800 002 9503 or Click Here