Invisible in the Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

Heard but not seen

These hearing aids are custom made to fit you. They are digital and fully programmable. The discreet design allows you to carry on with your life, without letting the world know you are wearing a hearing aid.

IIC hearing aids offer a couple of benefits over CICs (and any other hearing aid). Their discreet design means they can't be seen, and they reduce the occlusion effect (the booming sound of your voice) which preserves your natural ability to localise sounds and hear speech when in background noise.

The IIC is a custom hearing aid which means that it is made from an impression which is taken from your ear to ensure it is a perfect fit. It is coated with advanced hydrashield to protect it from moisture and wax.

What makes IICs different to ‘Completely In the Canal’ (CIC) hearing aids is that the faceplate of the IIC starts where the CIC ends. It sits significantly further down the ear canal than any other hearing aid, which means no one can see it. It is in effect, invisible.


easy steps
to choosing a hearing aid

We offer a wide range of the latest, high performance digital hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our qualified hearing professionals have years of experience working within the NHS, so you can trust them to help you choose a hearing aid that is right for you whilst ensuring you receive the quality hearing care you need.

Choosing a hearing aid can be confusing, so we have 3 steps for you to follow to find the right hearing aid for you.