Bluetooth Hearing Aids

Enhanced hearing, wireless audio connectivity, one device

Many hearing aids now come with wireless Bluetooth audio, allowing you to connect to your smart devices and stream audio or even take calls on the go.

No need for an additional set of headphones. Most modern hearing aids contain Bluetooth technology, granting them the ability to act as a wireless audio streaming device. Listen to music, TV, and take phone calls effortlessly and in high quality.

Most hearing aid manufacturers provide an app, giving you control over volume, EQ, connection to your TV or streaming devices and other functionality, all from a mobile device.

Bluetooth has a typical maximum range of 30 feet (10 meters), more than enough for most use cases.

A hassle-free listening experience, for business or pleasure


easy steps
to choosing a hearing aid

We offer a wide range of the latest, high performance digital hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our qualified hearing professionals have years of experience working within the NHS, so you can trust them to help you choose a hearing aid that is right for you whilst ensuring you receive the quality hearing care you need.

Choosing a hearing aid can be confusing, so we have 3 steps for you to follow to find the right hearing aid for you.