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Hearing Aids


easy steps
to choosing a hearing aid

We have a wide range of the latest, high performance digital hearing aids from the world’s leading manufacturers. Our qualified hearing professionals have years of experience from the NHS so you can trust them to help you choose the hearing aids that are right for you, and ensure that you receive the quality hearing care you need. Choosing a hearing aid can be confusing so we have 3 steps for you to follow to find the right hearing aid for you.

Choose a style
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Invisible in the Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids

Heard but not seen. These are custom, invisible, digital and fully programmable hearing aids. Continue reading

In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

One piece construction means these are smaller, less visable and easier to fit than the NHS hearing aids Continue reading

Reciever In The Ear (RITE) Hearing Aids

The latest development. provides better quality sound, comfortably, discreetly and is more reliable. Continue reading

Spectacle Hearing Aids

Integrated onto the arms of your existing glasses to give an elegant and efficient way to hear better Continue reading

CROS / Bi CROS Hearing Aids

The solution for those with no hearing in one ear. These systems pick up sounds from your poor ear and transfers them to your better ear. Continue reading
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