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In The Ear (ITE) Hearing Aids

Small, Simple easy to use. These one piece hearing aids are concealed.
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Product Information

In the ear hearing aids are the most popular style of digital hearing aids. Their simple and one piece construction lend themselves to many hours of comfortable and satisfactory use. An impression of the inside of your ear is taken by your Interhearing Audiologist to ensure that the shell of the hearing aid is made to exactly match the contours of your ear.

The size and design of your ITE hearing aid can vary with a number of factors;

  • Your preference for cosmetics – at Interhearing you will always receive the best advice and we also try to match the product to your needs and wants. One of our Audiologists will be able to tell you if the style you prefer is suitable for your hearing loss.
  • The degree of your hearing loss – the more power required in the hearing aid, the larger the battery and therefore the larger the hearing aid.
  • Features – if you need or want additional features to the prescribed amplification(telecoil/loop system, volume control, etc.) then these will invariably increase the size of your ITE hearing aid.
  • Dexterity – you may find it easier to handle a slightly larger ITE hearing aid, change the batteries and perform simple maintenance tasks such as cleaning.
  • ITE hearing aids are the most popular because many clients view them as being the most cosmetically acceptable and easiest to use. Your Interhearing Audiologist will advise you whether you can use one and if so, which is the correct type for you.
  • ITE hearing aids can also connect wirelessly to external sources such as bluetooth devices (for mobile phones, MP3 players, etc)
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The Otolens (IIC) is a custom hearing aid which means that it is made from an impression which is taken from your ear to ensure it is a perfect fit. It is coated with advanced hydrashield to protect it from moisture and wax.


The advantages of the Otolens (IIC) over CICs and infact any other hearing aid is not only that it can not be seen, but also that it reduces the occlusion effect (the booming sound of your voice) and preserves your natural ability to localise sounds and hear speech when in background noise.

With this hearing aid only you know its there, its heard but not seen
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