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Hearing Aid Prices

Hearing Aid Pricing And Fitting

All our hearing aids come with a 60 day money back guarantee. The prices include fitting, aftercare for the life of the hearing aids and a two to five year manufacturers warranty depending on the hearing aid / deal available at the time. (Extended warranties are available regardless, please ask for details).

Buy with 12 months interest free installments on our hearing aidsclose
 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewM90 - Virto Titanium Belong£1695£3195Learn More
NewM70 - Virto Titanium Belong£1395£2695Learn More
NewP90 / R Paradise - Audeo£1695£3195Learn More
NewP70 / R Paradise - Audeo£1395£2695Learn More
NewP50 / R Paradise - Audeo£1095£2095Learn More
NewP30 / R Paradise - Audeo£695£1390Learn More
CROS aid£895£895Learn More
iCom, pilotOne, myPilot, TV Link etc£POA£POALearn More
Roger Pen – Various£POA£POALearn More


 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewEvoke 440 ITE / Passion / Fusion£1695£3390Learn More
NewEvoke 330 ITE / Passion / Fusion£1395£2790Learn More
NewEvoke 220 ITE / Passion / Fusion£1095£2190Learn More
Beyond 440 / Fusion2£1695£3390Learn More
Beyond 330 / Fusion2£1395£2790Learn More
Beyond 220 / Fusion2£1095£2190Learn More
Rechargeable option+£150+£300
CROS£1095n/aLearn More



 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewOpn1£1695£3195Learn More
NewOpn2£1395£2695Learn More
NewOpn3£1095£2095Learn More
Alta2 Pro£1595£3095Learn More
Alta2£1295£2595Learn More
Nera2 Pro£1095£2095Learn More
Nera 2£895£1740Learn More
Ria2 Pro£795£1540Learn More
Ria2£695£1340Learn More
Rechargeable option (if available)+£150+£300




 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewMuse iQ i2400 / Halo iQ i2400£1695£3195Learn More
NewMuse iQ i2000 / Halo iQ i2000£1395£2695Learn More
NewMuse iQ i1600 / Halo iQ i1600£1195£2295Learn More
NewMuse iQ i1200£1095£2040Learn More
NewMuse iQ i1000£695£1340Learn More
NewRechargeable Option (where available)+£150+£300



 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewLiNX 9 Quattro£1695£3195Learn More
NewLiNX 7 Quattro£1395£2695Learn More
LiNX 3D 9£1595£3,090Learn More
LiNX 3D 7£1395£2695Learn More
LiNX 3D 5£1195£2340Learn More
Rechargeable option+£150+£300+£300Learn More



 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewTempus Pro / Vista T 910£1695£3195Learn More
NewTempus 800 / Vista T 810£1595£3095Learn More
NewTempus 700 / Vista T 710£1295£2595Learn More
NewTempus 600 / Vista T 610£995£1940Learn More
NewTempus 500 / Vista T 510£595£1190Learn More



 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewSignia Styletto 7Nx£1695£3195Learn More
NewSignia Styletto 5Nx£1395£2695Learn More
NewSignia Styletto 3Nx£1195£2295Learn More
Signia 7Nx£1695£3195Learn More
Signia 5Nx£1395£2695Learn More
Signia 3Nx£1095£2295Learn More


 Type of Hearing AidSinglePairTech Rating 
NewZerena 9£1695£3195Learn More
NewZerena 7£1395£2695Learn More
NewZerena 7£1095£2095Learn More
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