How to use ear drops

Ear wax is a natural antiseptic; it is the body's way to protect the ears and keep them clear of dust, dirt and debris.

Just as every person is different, every ear is different and some people make more wax than others, which can then become a problem by building up and eventually blocking your ear. The important thing is to not use cotton buds to clean your ears as this just compacts the wax, makes it harder and more of a problem.


While there are many ways to remove wax, the quickest, safest and most effective way is to get the wax removed by microsuction.

Microsuction is where the wax is removed by using a finely tuned suction device (medical vacuum) to gently clean the ear.

While the wax can be removed without applying ear drops, by treating your ears with olive oil based drops 3 days before your microsuction appointment will help ensure all the wax is removed.

Drops to use

  • Olive Oil drops
  • Earol spray

These can be purchased from most Pharmacies or Chemists.

How often?

Use the drops morning and night every day for 3 days before your appointment where possible.

If you have already been using drops for more than 3 days before your appointment you can stop using them until the morning of your appointment.

How to use

  1. Warm the bottle in your hand for a minute to help warm the drops/spray up (this will make it easier and more comfortable)
  2. Lie on your side with the problem ear facing up
  3. Apply the drops with a dropper or spray (3-4 drops or 4-5 sprays)
  4. Gently hold/pinch the back of your ear and gradually move it around in a circular motion to help the oil get to and around your wax.
  5. Stay lying down for about 3 minutes to allow the drops to soak into the ear wax
  6. Sit up and wipe any excess oil that comes out
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for the other ear

We provide same-day appointments where possible,
but usually see our patients within 3 days.