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Welcome to the Interhearing Team
We are really excited to welcome Amna Ageli to the Interhearing Ear Care Nurse team! Amna is a highly qualified ENT Ear Care Nurse in Milton Keynes and will be leading our Interhearing microsuction wax removal clinic at the Walnut
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Interhearing are delighted to introduce the latest member of the team, Nurse Joyce Duodu who will be running our newly opened clinic in Reading. Joyce has worked in healthcare for over 11 years, having worked in various nursing positions within
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Our newly opened clinic at the Brookside Surgery in Early, Reading is already proving popular and has hit the headlines in Wokingham. Read More to find out exactly what the newspaper had to say.
Interhearing is Making Headlines with New Warrington Clinic
Interhearing have made the headlines with an article in the Warrington Guardian about our new clinic at the 4 Seasons Medical Centre in Warrington. In the article, John, the founder and owner of Interhearing, tells readers all about the new
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Interhearing Welcomes Kathryn to the Team
We are excited to announce another new member of our team, this time in our administration department. Kathryn Dodd brings with her over 20 years experience working in finance and administration with previous employers including the Cheshire Police Headquarters, South
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Carole Joins Interhearing
We are excited to welcome a new member of staff to the Interhearing team. Carole Thewsey will be providing ear wax removal services at our new Warrington clinic that opens at the 4 Seasons Medical Practice at the end of
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Hearing Aids: Why Shop Local?
You hear all the time how you are supposed to support local farmers and food producers by buying from markets and prop up our waning high streets by shopping with local traders. But you rarely hear about shopping locally when
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Julie Joins Interhearing
Julie Rathbone has joined the Interhearing team to assist in providing ear wax removal services across our clinics. Julie has been a specialist ear care nurse for over 20 years, previously working at the Shrewsbury and Telford NHS trust and the
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Interhearing Attend Launch of the Phonak Marvel
Earlier this month our senior audiologist, John, attended the launch of Phonak’s newest hearing aid. Phonak have named this new product the “Marvel” and that is certainly what you will be doing when you hear about its cutting edge features.
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Welshpool | Hearing Aids | Upto 50% OFF
Perhaps you want to know more about a hearing aid that has been recommended to you or the differences between different hearing aid types and models? If you’ve been quoted a high price for a hearing aid then you should compare this
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